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Standardized assessments and informal tests are given to determine a student’s academic strengths and weaknesses, learning style, and other valuable information affecting the success of the individual learner.


Here is a list of the major tests we administer:

*   Woodcock Johnson III Tests of Cognitive Ability and Tests of Achievement

*   Pediatric Early Elementary Exam (PEEX), Mel Levine, MD

*   Pediatric Examination of Educational Readiness at Middle Childhood (PEERAMID), Mel Levine, MD

*   Detroit Tests of Learning Aptitude (DTLA-4)

*   Slingerland Screening Test: A, B, C, D, High School

*   Diagnostic Achievement Test for Adolescents (DATA-2)

*   Test of word finding

*   Nelson Denny Reading Test

*   Gray Oral Reading Tests (GORT-4)

*   Test of Auditory Perceptual Skills-Revised  (TAPS-R); Upper (TAPS-U)

*   Phonemic Synthesis Test by Katz

*   Test of Early Written Language (TEWL 2)

*   Test of Adolescent Language (TOAL 3)

*   Expressive One-Word Picture Vocabulary Test (EOWPVT-R)

*   Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test-IIIA (PPVT-III)

*   The Token Test for Children

*   Test of Language Development (TOLD-I:3) and (TOLD-P:3)

*   Test of Written Language (TOWL-3)

*   Beery-Butenica Developmental Tests of Visual-Motor Integration

*   Jordan Left-Right Reversal Test

*   Test of Visual-Perceptual Skills (TVPA)

*   Pediatric Examination of Educational Readiness, (PEER), Melvin Levine, FAAP

*   Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing Skills (CTOPPS)

*   Gray Silent Reading Test (GSRT)

*   Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC-III)

*   Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS-III)


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We provide educational therapy that focuses on improving weaknesses and developing strengths.  This includes one-on-one therapy as well as innovative computer-assisted therapies.


Specific programs offered include:


*   Perceptual Enrichment Program

*   Orton Gillingham Reading Program

*   Wilson Reading Program

*   Spivey Writing Program

*   Phonemic Synthesis

*   Handwriting without tears

*  Individualized programs developing Auditory Processing, Visual Spatial Processing, Directionality and Laterality, Attention, Timing and Focus

*   Strategies that develop Memory Skills, Study Skills, and Learning Styles

*   Individualized treatment plans for every client


We also administer the following computer-assisted therapy programs:


*  Fast ForWord

For more information about this auditory processing program, contact our office and/or visit the Scientific Learning website (scientificlearning.com)

*  Interactive Metronome

For more information about this program affecting attention, motor planning and sequencing, contact our office and/or visit the Interactive Metronome website (interactivemetronome.com)



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Case Management

*  Information gathering to determine the specific individual needs of students and their families

*  Appropriate referrals to other agencies or professionals for specific needs

*  Coordination of important information from other professionals

*  Consultation for home-schoolers

*  Support for the particular needs of gifted, athletic, or adopted students and those with attention, hyperactivity and memory differences


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We develop specific workshop programs for schools, agencies and family groups.  These workshops include:


*   Study Skills

*   Memory Strategies

*   Section 504

*   Written Expression

*  Parenting Classes

*  Learning Strategies

*  Learning Styles

*  The Learning Brain

*  Academic Interventions

*  Communication Skills

*  Multiple Intelligences

*  Learning Disabilities


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