Who We Are



Picture of Nancy


Sue Strand


Nancy and Sue are uniquely qualified individuals with over 35 years of combined experience in the field of education.


They have training and experience in recognizing, defining, and understanding student needs and seeking appropriate solutions and strategies.


They have worked with learners of all ages while developing innovative programs, presenting workshops, and teaching graduate classes in educational therapy.  Nancy and Sue have extensively pursued current coursework in the field of learning issues.


Nancy Kong


*        Educational Therapy Certificate, U.C. Extension, Santa Cruz

*   MPH in Health Education, U.C. Berkeley

*   Fluent in Spanish

Sue Strand


*   Educational Therapy Certificate, U.C. Extension, Santa Cruz

*   Credentialed Teacher

*   Parent of an internationally adopted child with learning differences


Professional Memberships

*   Association of Educational Therapists, Professional Members

*   International Dyslexia Association, Northern California Branch Board of Directors

*   Educational Therapy Program, U.C. Extension, Santa Cruz, Advisory Board Members

*  Children and Adults with AD/HD (CHADD)

*  Learning Disabilities Association